Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market
Photo by Kaity Nguyen

Address: Le Loi, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

Ben Thanh Market, Saigon, is a symbol that cannot be more familiar when it comes to the City named after Uncle Ho. Not only is it a place of business, nearly a hundred years, this market has become a historical witness to the ups and downs of the city, the economic face that speaks to the development of a city with the country's largest trade and a meeting point between the past and the present. The construction started in 1912, the clock image at the south door of this market is considered an unofficial symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.

The market is located between Phan Boi Chau - Phan Chu Trinh - Le Thanh Ton - Quach Thi Trang Square in Ben Thanh Ward with an area of 13,056 m². As a busy trading place with about 1500 stalls and more than 6,000 small traders, the market receives thousands of visitors every day. The main business lines here include: clothes, fabrics, shoes, fashion, handicrafts, fresh food, fresh fruits, flowers,...

The market has experienced many ups and downs of history and events such as fire, collapse and relocation. However, up to now, the market still retains the ancient architecture and the tradition of trading.

As a famous and ancient symbol in Saigon, it is unlikely that all children living in Saigon have once stepped foot in the market. This is both a trading address and a place to visit that any visitor when coming to Saigon wants to experience this place once.

In addition to trading, buying and selling, many tourists come to visit this market because the market has extremely unique architecture, the variety of items and the history of Saigon's iconic symbol.

With a unique design: 4 main doors bordering 4 streets and 12 side doors, the gate architecture is quite simple, but especially on each gate are attached ceramic reliefs with many images associated with the Vietnamese homeland such as a cow, a goose, a bunch of bananas, etc. The delicately sculpted images were made by Bien Hoa pottery artist in 1952.

In particular, each door will specialize in selling different items, so you can easily visit and shop. The goods at the market are quite diverse in design and quality, visitors often choose this as a place to shop for souvenirs and gifts for the trip.

Bến Thành market inside

Photo by Percy Pham

With thousands of stalls, you can visit and shop comfortably.

Bến Thành market at night
Bến Thành market at night

When it starts to get dark, to create a stopover for visitors, Ben Thanh Market continues to operate until 10pm. At night, thousands of lights are lit, the market stands out with its unique architecture and above all, the bustle and hustle of the night market attracting more than 1000 visitors every night.

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